Catherine Meister

Catherine Meister is the founder and director of Hope Vantage.  She provides training, presentations, consultation and coaching for Hope Vantage.

Catherine is the mother of 7 children, 4 who joined her family through adoption. After having three biological children she and her husband decided to adopt a child from an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  Thus began their journey into this amazing and challenging  world of parenting from a different place, a place of connection, and unconditional love.


Catherine has been involved in the field of adoption for over 15 years.  She has a bachelors degree in Sociology and a Master of Science in Studies in Human Behavior. For the last 13 years she has worked for the NH Division for Children Youth and Families providing and supervising adoption and post adoption services.  During that time she have been involved in three trauma informed systems development projects and has spent countless hours learning about complex developmental trauma.  However, it is not Catherine's education that prepared her for helping people parent children from hard places. Her preparation has been  her  experience parenting her own children day in and day out, through the fun times and the tough times.  In this way she has been able to put the parenting principles and strategies she teaches into action and see the results. Understanding and meeting the needs of children who have experienced trauma, and helping caregivers is Catherine's passion.  She has been trained as a practitioner in Trust Based Relational Intervention. A model of care giving based on scientific research and data and utilizing the principles of Connection, Empowerment and Correction. 


It is Catherine's desire to bring this model of hope and healing to others.  


Mark Meister; Board Member and Consultant

Mark Meister is on the Hope Vantage Advisory Board.  Mark provides Hope Vantage with expertise around the use of TBRI principles in the class room.

Mark is Catherine's husband.  Mark has his master's degree in special education. He has been a special educator working with children with emotional disturbance, autism , and specific learning disabilities for the last 10 years.  Prior to that he home schooled his own children and spent two years in South Africa teaching reading to children in an orphanage.  Mark has the ability to see and understand how to apply the TBRI principles and Strategies in the classroom.  He provides expertise in creating IEP goals that meet the needs of children from hard places and in helping educators understand how to implement these inteventions.

Candace Abood; Coach

Candace has been working with families and their children from hard placed for  over 15 years.  She is a trained TBRI ® Practitioner and Educator.  Candace is full of positive energy.  Candace is a parent herself and has put the strategies and principles she teaches into practice with her own children.  Candace is passionate about helping families to achieve more connected relationships and contentment in thier families.